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Soft Tools

inTouch Africa® is a software system that enables the decentralized creation, maintenance, distribution and presentation of trading (detail on individuals and institutions) as well as catalogue type (promotional) information that enhances the supplier/customer interaction in a supply chain.

Unlike Web-based systems, inTouch Africa® stores information at the point of use. The implied benefit for users is that the cost associated with retrieving information is dramatically reduced. In addition, the use of multimedia is no longer restricted by bandwidth limitations. In an African context, the benefits of such a system speak for itself. Web-based users are not, however, excluded from the information, since the system presents information on the Web as well.

Information is created and maintained as close as possible to the source. The system replicates information automatically, updating information at the various access points. Its ability to update changes only, instead of transferring bulky sets of complete data, further contributes to its cost-effectiveness.

In short, all the benefits of access to information and the ability to exchange information are exploited without the restriction imposed by lack of bandwidth.

More detail on the design of the inTouch Africa® ’software toolbox’ is available by following this link.