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Our History


Our expertise and knowledge base has been shaped around:  (1) SMME (Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise) service delivery and support operations research; (2) developing models for MPCC operations; (3) ICT4Dev application development; (4) ICT4Dev application implementation and
(5) ICT4Dev implementation ‘massification’ initiatives (current challenge and focus).

The following diagram provides an overview (on a RDI matrix) of the work we have been doing over the past 17 years.

RDI Work Colour03

The broad groupings of these activities and their outcomes are provided in the table here under.



Type of Activity


Obtain an understanding of SMME development practice and processes in a developing economy (SA)

1994-1998 (5 years)

A (80%) & B (20%) in the Operations Arena.

Highlighting the importance of the mediator /facilitator in a developing community context.

Deploy a national network of public, self-help, touch-screen kiosks in a franchise model in high pedestrian traffic environments.

1995- 1996 (2 years)

C (40%) & Commercialisation (60%) in Operations & Technology Arenas.

Highlight the importance of allocating resources (tools, skills) to all tasks in the “information economy”.

Developing & deploying software systems in community level development facilities (SMME & Multi-purpose community centres).

1999- 2004 (5 years)

B (60%) & C (40%) in the Operations and Technology Arenas.

Highlighting implementation challenges in the technology adoption and ownership spheres.

Developing robust implementation models for sustained (development) service delivery in developing economies.

2004- 2008 (4 years)

C (60%) & Massification (40%) in Operations & Technology Arenas.

Highlighting the importance of solid business development approaches in the ICT4Dev arena.

Validation of small-scale networks (Vhembe and Namakwa Districts) in a Living Lab fashion.

(3 years)

100% Sustainability Research & Modeling

Challenged to deal with issues of scalability and ‘sustainability’ of the intervention.

Table 1:  Groupings of Research, Development and Implementation (RDI) and related Outcomes.