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The ’development service channel’ that guided the design and development of the inTouch® ‘toolbox’ is depicted in the following animation.

The ‘toolbox’ that we have developed, focusses therefore on enhancing the various components of service delivery in "walk-in" support facilities and satellite centres supporting entrepreneurs and citizens in the so-called ‘second economy’ (as can be seen in the above animation).

The following diagram provides a slightly different view on the same environment and also highlights the functions (in dotted pink ‘call-out’ boxes) that we are supporting with the inTouch® software ‘tools’.  The ‘space’ that inTouch® is supporting, is indicated by the yellow (backdrop) square.

Critical Support Functions03

Two broad categories of services are being delivered to the target audience indicated above.  These are: (a) Business Support services and (b) Technical Support services (indicated in green dotted boxes to the left).  The delivery of these services, from a strategic level, are made more effective by the deployment of Resource and Coordination Facilities (“Pump Station” Centres) that are deployed at provincial or district level (indicated in red).  The “walk-in support” centres also facilitate the interaction between citizens (“prospective participants” in the economy), CBOs, SMMEs and the marketplace through the rendering of (a) Promotional Support services and (b) Transactional (including logistical) Support services (indicated in orange dotted boxes to the right).

The inTouch® supported functions in the ‘call-out boxes’ (pink) above are:
(a) Case management, (b) Contact management, (c) Content (enabling and promotional) management, (d) Knowledge management, (e) Voucher management and (f) e-commerce and logistics.  This link provides access to some sample screenshots.