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About Us

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Our Values and Expertise

Action Research: At CSIR CIS, we pride ourselves on the fact that our whole team lives  extensively with the real world people and conditions we are trying to serve.  You can rest assured that, working with CSIR CIS, you will enjoy the benefits of our thorough knowledge and understanding or the rural African context.

Solid Technical Capacity: To complement our extensive real world orientation, we make it our business to be up to date with the latest technological trends, tools and knowledge in the ICT arena.  Being part of one of the most advanced ICT research institutes in Africa (Meraka), contributes to keeping us updated and equipped with the most appropriate ICT technologies.

Extensive Collaboration:  As we are very aware of the multi-facetted nature of the real world rural context, we strive to continuously build new relationships with people and institutions that complement our own knowledge and expertise base.  This collaboration happens in the social, commercial and technical aspects of our work.